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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mark Swihart's Battling Yamato

Mark Swihart from western Massachusetts brings us this whopping 108-inch long Yamato! Currently under construction, she is currently the largest R/C (or intended R/C) Yamato known in the world (or at least known to the IYOA). She stretches a boggling 16 inches wide!

She weighs 185 pounds and draws more than 4 inches of water!

Mark is building her to compete in a new club of model warship combatants in New England featuring ALL 1/96 scale warships (THAT oughtta wind up in a few magazine articles!). He got interested in the hobby very recently, discovering the website BATTLESTATIONS in July of 2006.

As with many Yamato captains, Mark's mission began when he bought the book "YAMATO: ANATOMY OF THE SHIP".

His Yamato hull is made from wood, fiberglass and epoxy, and he plans to arm it with 9 5/16-inch guns in 3 turrets, 4 triple turrets in BB, six double turrets in BB, and 6 to 10 torpedo tubes (not decided yet), making his the most heavily-armed R/C Yamato in the IYOA!

He tells us that all 4 shafts will be functioning as well as both rudders. He's having the struts made by Deryk at RCNavalSupply, props are from Alan Brierly, and some of the superstructure parts will be from Clark Ward. Lights and cameras will hopefully be added as time goes by.

Mark will keep us aprised as work on his Yamato continues. Hopefully, we can see her running later this year. Stay tuned and good luck Mark!

Text prepared by Barrett Hochhaus with source from Mark Swihart.

Built by: Mark Swihart
Length overall: 9 feet
Width overall: 16 inches
Home waters: Western Massachusetts, USA.

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